how will it change us?

Columbian solider receiving a Bible.As I stumbled across this photo of a Columbian soldier receiving his first copy of the Bible, I have to wonder, how will it change him? How will the radical witness of Christ speaking in Matthew Chapter 5 totally warp his world? Will he take it to a pastor or priest that will attempt to de-radicalize the nature of the Sermon on the Mount? Will he realize the implications of what he is reading, fall to his knees in repenatce, call on Christ as Lord, and walk away from the bandelero of bullets forever?

“Come now and join the feast, right here in the belly of the beast / Cops and soldiers you can come too (just lay down your guns and come on through) / Come now and join the feast, from the greatest to the very least… ” — Psalters

When we pick up our own Bibles and read them, how will the subversive witness of the Gospels change us?


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