the radical nature of faith

I am convinced of the radical nature of our faith as Christians. We’ve lost sight of this, as Christianity first became a state religion in Rome, and in our own times has become the party of power in the United States with the Bush Administration. Historically, Christianity has been the faith that identified with the poor and oppressed, not the powerful and rich.

Christ has called us into a life of freedom, and above all else, God is Liberator. Liberator from sin, unrighteousness, and from the ties that bind us. As the ecclesia, we’ve been called out, not just from our relationship to sin, but from our relationship to this world and all of its systems. Paul says in Galatians that

“it is for freedom that Christ set us free…”

and James the Just, the brother of Christ says,

“the perfect law is the law of liberty.”

Biblically, we must render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but our ultimate loyalty is to the kingdom of God, not to the kingdom of mammon that is controled by the prince of this world.


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