the subversive witness of the gospels

“It is quite clear that the kingdom of God cannot exist where bombs are dropped on people, where there is racial hatred among men, where there is such poor distribution of food that some have a surplus while others starve, or where people cannot find work due to automation. If we really see the injustice of the world for what it is, then we will long for the kingdom of God…” — J. Heinrich Arnold, Discipleship

If we look for the roots of of suffering, we will find it in the spirit of possessiveness and the spirit of mammon. This spirit is absolutely of Satan, who is a murderer from the beginning, just as Jesus said (John 8:44). Our never-ending desire to possess more and more brings about only darkness and death. Many of those who serve this spirit of mammon, this spirit of possessiveness, hide behind marvelous ideals. But despite these ideals the fruits of this spirit are injustice and death, and these are the cause of the suffering of our time, and of all times, for that matter. If we look at world suffering honestly, we will see how closely it is connected with our own guilt and the guilt of all men today, and we will also recognize that since this suffering is all one, we are part of it, and must suffer alongside all those who suffer.


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