as a thought

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the meek inheriting the earth, several other passages in the Gospels have come to my mind.

I’m a pretty politically aware individual, and as a Christian I have a hard time with the political agenda of the current Administration here in the United States. At the moment that the world sees that

“the foundations are being destroyed,”

the ugly, loudmouthed Christian shows up manning the battiers of right-wing politics. The Christians here in the United States seem to have forgoten that,

“the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,”

that our weapons are not like the weapons of this world. Yet here we are running around, taking part in coalitions, endorsing political candidates and their agendas, all the while forgetting that Christ’s kingdom is not of this world.

We can’t tell the world that our weapons aren’t like theirs, for that would make us liars and hypocrites. We are called to be in this world, but not of it. But in our rush to create a little political misrepresentation of God’s Kingdom, we will link arms with any number of strange people.

It’s the garden of Gethsemanae all over again. The disciples have out their swords, and are aiming to chop off heads; all the while Jesus is still running around putting ears back on, and wondering how it is that we’ve not learned anything in two thousand years..


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