thristy? hungry?

“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.” — Jesus, Matthew 5:6

Not only do the followers of Jesus renounce their rights, they renounce their own righteousness too. They get no praise for their sacrifices. They cannot have righteousness except by hungering and thirsting for it. They always look forward to the future righteousness of God revealed on Earth, but they cannot establish it for themselves.

Those who follow Jesus get hungry and thirsty on the way. They are longing for the forgiveness of all sin, for complete renewal, for the renewal too of the Earth and the full establishment of God’s law. They are still involved in the worlds curse, and are still affected by its sin. He that they follow must die accursed on the cross, with a desperate cry for righteousness on His lips,

“Father, forgive them…”

But the disciple is not above his Master, and he follows in the Master’s steps. Happy are they who have the promise that they shall be filled, for the righeousness they receive will be no empty promise, but real satisfaction. They will eat the Bread of Life at the great Messianic Feast. They are blessed because they already enjoy this bread here and now, for in their hungering and thirsting after righteousness, they are sustained by the Bread of Life…


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