pure in heart (the beatitudes, part 6)

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” — Jesus, Matt. 5:8

Who is pure in heart? Only those that have surrendered their hearts to Jesus completely, that He may reign in them alone. Only those whose hearts are undefiled by their own evil – and by their own virtues too.

David said in the Psalms,

“Who may ascend to your holy hill? He who has clean hands, and a pure heart,”

All it takes is an honest look around us at the world we live in to see that our hands and hearts aren’t clean. Honesty demands that we recognize that our hands and hearts are filthy. Thankfully, we serve a God that’s in the business of purifying our hearts and our hands.

But this isn’t some nice, easy Sunday School idea of purity. The pure in heart have a child-like simplicity like Adam before the Fall, innocent alike of both good and evil. If men renounce their own good, if penitents have renounced their own hearts, if they rely solely upon Christ, then His word purifies their hearts.

Christ is here contrasting the purity of His disciples with the purity of the Pharisees. Purity of heart is much more than just a purity of high intentions. The pure heart is pure of both good and evil, and it belongs exclusively to Christ and looks only to Him who goes on before. Only they will see God, who in this life have looked solely unto Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For then their hearts are free from all defiling fantasies and are not distracted by conflicting desires and intentions. They shall see God, whose hearts have become a reflection of the image of Jesus Christ…


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