a reflection on spurgeon’s men…

I must confess, I have something of a love affair with Charles Spurgeon. Quaint, I know, but he is a preacher that I am absolutely inspired by. He had no seminary education whatsoever, yet still managed to be perhaps the greatest preacher that England ever turned out. He read widely, which accounts for his phenomenal sermons, as well as his vast intelligence. Spurgeon was totally self-educated in those regards.

Perhaps his most lasting legacy, besides The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, was his founding of the Pastor’s College, attached to his church. It began with one student, a Mr. Thomas William Medhurst. By the time of Spurgeon’s death in 1892, the Pastor’s College had trained nearly 900 men for the ministry. Spurgeon raised up a generation of men that flooded throughout England, preaching a crusade against indifference.

I find it a no-brainer that since our generation has no Spurgeon, no well-known preacher who is thundering out the gospel from a pulpit with no compromise, that we have no men being turned out that are equally on fire.

Our seminaries are filled with dry theologians, among whom earnest men are hard pressed to be found. The singular mark of Charles Spurgeon was his earnestness. Is it any wonder that his great faith in a great God produced great men of faith as well?

Who will, at this dark hour, rise up to the challenge?


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