a bad case of nerves

God sent me to read Psalm 128 today. I was sitting in the family waiting area at Carolina’s Medical Center, here in Charlotte, and praying about the future of my relationship with Sweetpea, etc. And I felt the sudden urge to read Psalms. So I read Psalm 118 first, and then flipped a few pages and this jumps off the page at me:

“Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine
Within your house,
Your children like olive plants
Around your table.
Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed
Who fears the LORD.”
— Psam 128. 3-4

I’m pretty sure that was God’s immediate confirmation of His word to me on Thursday, but I still desperately need to be sure.

One of my partners in prayer for the evening, Simon Woodstock, has come down with some sort of bug, so he won’t be joining me. That makes it just me and Cam for tonight. My hope is that God will speak assurance to me by way of Cameron.

The plan is for me to meet up with Sweetpea tomorrow at her apartment around 10 AM.

I’ll blog again tomorrow (hopefully), so everyone reading for the last week will know how this all turns out…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers this week. They mean a great deal to me.


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